We can end hunger in America.Your support for smart programs and policies will help us get there.

We Believe

  1. Our leaders should make ending poverty and hunger in America a national priority.
  2. Every working American should be paid a livable wage.
  3. Our food system should be racially equitable and make healthy food accessible to everyone.

Vote to End Hunger

Initiated by the Alliance to End Hunger, this campaign’s goal is to use the electoral process to make ending hunger and poverty in the US and around the world a higher political priority. Any concerned organization or individual can join on and access the election toolkit.

Get Involved


Our youth activism campaign featuring the incredible work of seven inspiring young leaders working for systems change in poverty, education, racial equity and nutrition policy. Follow them today!

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Podcast Citizen Chef with Tom Colicchio

Tom Colicchio has issues with food! Citizen Chef is about what we eat, where and who it comes from, and the politics, decisions, policies and people that shape our food system – with the goal of turning curious listeners into more informed, engaged citizens.

Shifting Perspectives on Hunger

A messaging playbook for anti-hunger advocates and leaders based on FrameWorks Institute message framing research. Identifies communication strategies and tools that move the public to support long term, systemic change around hunger and poverty.

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Action for Opportunity

This coalition represents a wide range of over 30 non-profit organizations, unions and advocates. Together we have asked all presidential candidates to provide the public their plans for ending hunger and poverty, creating economic opportunity and for their experience addressing these issues in the past.

Candidate Plans

Food Fueled My...


Christian Siriano has taken the fashion world by storm, but even he faced early setbacks. Proper nutrition fueled the will to stay true to his way.

Food Fueled My...


Josh Lucas discovered his acting ability when he was only eight. Access to healthy nutrition kept the promise of his talent.

Food Fueled My...


Alexander Smalls is the force behind Grammy-winning opera and some of Manhattan’s hippest restaurants. Proper nutrition as a child helped him answer his calling.

Food Fueled My...


Legends like Jarobi White aren’t just born. Healthy nutrition and hardworking talent make for a career that just won’t quit.

Food Fueled My...


Healthy food fueled the prolific songwriting that kicked off Joseph Arthur’s career. Today it powers his performances, year-round tours, and a second career as an accomplished painter.

Food Fueled My...


John Leguizamo was born for the stage. Food assistance helped him keep the promise of his potential.

Food Fueled My...


Sarah Jones was born for the stage. Access to healthy nutrition fueled her first spotlight, one that continues to shine from Broadway to the White House and beyond.

Food Fueled My...


As a child, Zainab Salbi witnessed the atrocities of war. Healthy nutrition fueled her drive to found Women for Women International, and turn her horrors into hope for women worldwide.

Food Fueled My...


Culinary school taught James Connolly the value of good nutrition. He turned that knowledge into The Bubble Foundation, feeding underserved children and fueling their ambitions.

Food Fueled My...


Questlove is the co-founder of the Roots, but that’s only one course of his daily meal: Food fueled his childhood in Philadelphia, his years playing music on the road, countless hours in the studio, and continues to inspire his creativity, whether he’s sitting behind the drum kit or writing a New York Times Bestseller.

Food Fueled My...


Access to early nutrition fueled Ted Allen’s love for food. Igniting a passion that lights up our TV screens so that we all eat better.

Food Fueled My...


Michele Hicks wasn’t born into privilege, just the good fortune of talent and family love. Food assistance helped turn her limited means into a timeless future.

Food Fueled My...


Growing up in foster care, Rosie Perez’s talent could have fallen through the cracks. Enter healthy nutrition, the difference between a lost statistic and the fiery star we love.

Food Fueled My...


Waris Ahluwalia was born with an appetite for design. Access to healthy nutrition fueled an imagination that shines like all his diamonds.

Food Fueled My...


It took Michael Kelly almost 20 years to discover acting. Thanks to healthy nutrition that fueled his first steps, he finally found his way.

Food Fueled My...


Jonathan Safran Foer didn’t discover his talent for writing until college. Fortunately, healthy food fueled the prologue to his legendary career.

Food Fueled My...


Proper nutrition and love of food fueled Jon Gray’s ambition to bring Bronx cooking to high culture. Now he’s making a name for himself and the borough he calls home.

Food Fueled My...


This is the face behind some of Rock n Roll’s most famous images. Not pictured, young Danny Clinch enjoying the proper nutrition that fueled his journey here.

Food Fueled My...


If Tom Colicchio lacked nutrition as a child, we all would have gone hungry. Thankfully good food fueled the culinary career that keeps on cooking.

Food Fueled My...

First Act

Before she was an award-winning actress, mother and dog rescuer, Edie Falco was a child who loved to act. Access to proper nutrition helped land the roles of her lifetime.

We exist because everyone deserves access to good food and a healthy life.

About Us

Did you know?

When people are missing meals, it compromises the health of the entire community. So what does it mean to address poverty and hunger systemically? It means long term solutions that address the root causes and geographic and economic factors of the problem.

Just as our city’s power grid delivers electricity to every neighborhood, our food systems should connect every community to the healthy food it needs. Right now, there are areas the grid doesn’t reach – locations where it’s difficult to get to a grocery store that sells fresh produce.

With the right policies in place, we can restore balance to parts of the food system that have been disrupted – like the disconnect between rising food costs and stagnant wages. Government programs that subsidize food purchases, like SNAP and WIC, have been successful in restoring access to healthy food, but they need to be expanded.

Right now …

The United States is grappling with many issues of vital social consequence connected to hunger and poverty.

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the fragility and gaps in systems and safety nets designed to support Americans in times of need. Meanwhile, new attention to the impact of the systemic racism imbedded in our society has been an important step toward deeper awareness of the connections between racism and generational poverty.

The public will to demand a new approach to address America’s vast hunger and poverty problem systemically is building.

What is A Place at the Table?

In 2013, the acclaimed documentary A Place at the Table explored how we got here, and what it would take to solve the root causes of hunger in America.

We believe in the power of the public’s voice for change. Today, we continue to advance communications that help the public understand the causes and solvability of hunger in America. Our goal is to harness the same public will that worked then and catalyze a rebuilding of a policy framework that ensures nutrition for all today.

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