Do Something You can be part of the movement that ensures everyone in America has the food they need to be healthy.

Top 5

5 Areas Your Voice Can Make a Difference

Ultimately, we want to strengthen the purchasing power of struggling people so everyone can afford the nutrition they need to thrive without relying on charity food. To that end we should:

  1. Advocate for a livable wage, employment opportunity for all and better child care supports.
  2. Support increases in funding to strengthen federal, state and local nutrition programs like SNAP and WIC.
  3. Be anti-racist and support racial equity.
  4. Support universal free school meals.
  5. Advocate for programs that provide access to healthy food regardless of geography.

What You Can Do Today

  1. Make Getting Involved in Our Democracy a Priority.

    Vote. Sign petitions. Use your platform to stand up for what you believe in. Consider running for public office. Peacefully protest.

  2. Learn About the Policies and Programs That Address Hunger.

    Sign up for our emails. Follow us on social media. Participate in a respectful debate.

  3. Join a Food Policy Council in Your Area.

    Local and state governments are testing grounds for innovative policy ideas that can be adopted nationally.

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  4. Contact Your Representative in Your District and State.

    The Town Hall Project makes it easy, empowering constituents across the country to have face-to-face conversations with their elected representatives.

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