We can solve hunger in America. Your voice matters.

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Healthy food fuels potential. If America makes the right policy choices, the food we grow can reach everyone. Add your voice to demand our leaders connect all Americans to the nutrition they need.


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It's outrageous if anyone who risked their life in service to our country struggles to feed their family #FoodIsFuel https://t.co/AepV61tWzp

With the right policies in place, every American can get the nutrition they need to thrive: https://t.co/Tz1IcI8NO6 #FoodIsFuel

Study: Inadequate nutrition cost the state of Texas more than 200,000 jobs in 2014 https://t.co/2R5z5jnWXU #FoodIsFuel

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America’s potential is our people. Food is the fuel that makes everything we achieve possible. Healthy food and sound nutrition power up our wellbeing, and propel us forward to build vibrant communities.

Our country has more than enough food for everyone. With the right structure of policies in place — from school meals and federal nutrition programs to a Farm Bill that works for all Americans — we can create, protect, and share this abundance, so every American, at every stage of life’s journey, can count on the healthy food they need to thrive.

But here’s the problem: Over the years, the system has missed some much-needed maintenance, the system has missed some much-needed maintenance, and right now, 42 million Americans aren’t getting enough healthy food to eat. A family in a rural community might live hours away from the nearest grocery store. A factory worker might earn too much to qualify for nutrition assistance but too little to afford enough to eat.

When some people have to miss meals, it affects their health, their education, and their ability to contribute to their communities. It affects all of us, and it holds back our country’s potential.

If we want America to thrive, we need to tap into everyone’s talents, and everyone needs to have enough to eat.

How can each American have a place at the table?

In 2013, the acclaimed documentary A Place At The Table explored how we got here, and what it would take to solve the root causes of hunger in America.

We know it’s possible because America all but eliminated hunger once before. In the 1970s, seeing scenes of hunger and starvation in news reports inspired the public to demand change. Our nation’s leaders came together to modernize and enhance the networks that connect all of us to the nutrition we need.

They made sure people could access federal nutrition programs and expanded school lunches. They took action because they knew the whole country benefits when everyone can live up to their potential.

Unfortunately, we’ve fallen behind since then.

But we know we can succeed again by harnessing the same kind of public outcry, and mobilizing to rebuild a policy framework that ensures nutrition for all. A Place At The Table explained how Americans can come together to demand action.

In big cities and small towns in every corner of the country, thousands of Americans who saw the movie at screenings had the same reaction: We want change. Where can we sign up?

Fuel the movement with your voice

We can guarantee good nutrition for every American. There’s only one ingredient missing in the recipe to end hunger: the public’s voice.

Our leaders will only act if they know food insecurity is a priority for their constituents. So, let’s tell them. That’s where you come in. Sign up here, for updates on opportunities to demand action.


“Let’s fuel the potential of every child.”

Julianna Margulies

Our leaders need to make ending hunger a national priority. Kids who get school breakfast achieve 17% better scores in math. That's because food is fuel. You can't compete on an empty stomach.

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Christian Siriano

Food Fueled My Resolve. Christian has taken the fashion world by storm, but even he faced early setbacks. Proper nutrition fueled the will to stay true to his way.

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Josh Lucas

Food Fueled My Dream. Josh Lucas discovered his acting ability when he was only eight. Access to healthy nutrition kept the promise of his talent.

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